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The following links (or maps, if ye please) will provide you treasures of information:
www.gasparillapiratefest.com  Plannin’ to attend our annual Pirate invasion and Parade? You’ll not want to miss all the scuttlebutt found on this site.
www.gasparillaextravaganza.com  A great time for the wee ones (and young at heart), the Gasparilla Children’s parade details are located here.
www.interkrewe.com  Findin’ yerself wondering about all those Krewes in the parade? Wantin’ to form one of your own? Explore this site for valuable information.

The pirates have invaded, now what? There’s still plenty to keep ye busy. Check out these sites:
www.tampabayrun.com Information on the Gasparilla Distance Classic.
www.gasparilla-arts.com  Information on the Gasparilla Arts Festival.
www.kreweofsantyago.com  Organizers of the Sant’Yago Knight Parade held in Ybor City, this site gives you information on the Krewe of the Knights of Sant’Yago, their parade, and more.
www.tampa-roughriders.org  The Rough Riders hold their annual St. Patty’s Day Parade in Ybor City. Search here for information about their organization and parade.
www.visittampabay.com Information on visiting Tampa bay.

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